Thursday, 6 December 2012

How I Would Test


"Good morning everyone and welcome to your English test. Please take a seat. 

Remember, cheating is absolutely forbidden. However, discussion with your peers, using Google on your smartphone and leaving early if you finish is absolutely fine and encouraged.

Let's begin. Here are your exam papers. Now, in silence, you must flick through the pages and have a look at all the questions before we start. Make sure you read them all carefully. You have 5 minutes to complete this.

Okay, time up everyone. Now get together in groups of three or four and discuss how you feel about the test. Talk about which questions you are happy to see, which one you dislike the most and any ideas you have on how you will answer the questions.

I'm now going to give you two minutes to tear one of the pages out of the test. Remember, the harder questions get more points, so choose carefully.

In yesterday's class, I asked you to write possible questions for the test. If your question has been chosen, then well done, you will receive 10 extra points on your final score.

You now have time to complete the test. You will notice that there are no multiple choice questions and no right or wrong answers. Instead I want you share your opinions on the questions asked. Remember, your grade depends on how you answer, not what you answer. If you don't have strong feelings on the subject, then you need to explain why, or lie.

Some time later...

Time's up. Now get back into your group. I want you to ask each other for advice. If there's a question that you are not happy about or think could be better, ask your colleagues for help. If you don't feel comfortable showing them what you wrote, either when asking for advice or giving it, that's fine, you can decide how much you want to share.

Okay, go back to your desk. You now have ten minutes to make changes and improvements to your test in whatever way you wish.

So now we're nearly done. The last thing I want you to do is write the score you think you'll get, then write the score you think you deserve based on the course so far, and finally I want you to mark this test on how good you think it was.

Your grades will be available in the next few days. To collect them, come and see me in my office or after class. I can also explain why I gave you the score I did, and what your strengths and weaknesses were if you’d like to know. And I'll be asking you to explain your predictions and the score you gave the test too. Thanks for coming.”
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